Ward 5 (Bolton) Regional Councillor Patti Foley Seeks Re-election

Ward 5 Regional Councillor Patti Foley has announced that she will be seeking a second term as Bolton’s representative on Council. Foley, who took the seat in a definitive win in 2010, made her bid official on May 7th, 2014.

A Bolton resident for over two decades, Foley has spent a busy four years working with Council and staff, at both local and regional levels, to initiate and advance infrastructure improvements, address traffic safety issues, support environmental initiatives and advocate for the Bolton community she loves.

“I came into my Regional Councillor role with many aspirations for my community. I feel I have accomplished some of those goals, made progress on others, and have set the stage for a very productive second term. The improvements you see happening in the Bolton downtown core for example are just the beginning of what I see as the absolutely necessary revitalization of a village that – in my opinion – has been allowed to stagnate.”

Foley, who moved to Bolton in 1991, has a long history of community activism in Caledon. A lifelong volunteer, she was a familiar face in the community well before the 2010 election. A natural leader, she was a driving force behind numerous community organizations like Our Caledon Our Choice, the Non-Profits Networking Club and Green T Environmental Awareness. In the course of her 4 years as the Ward 5 representative, she has served the community on almost 20 committees, boards and working groups.

Foley is as committed to enriching life for young families in Bolton as she is to providing housing options that are suitable for area seniors. “We are very close on a number of housing developments that would be positive additions to our community and that is very exciting.”

Foley is quick to acknowledge that there are a couple of contentious issues receiving a lot of attention right now and adds that “The best solutions will come about when all sides start working together to problem-solve, and in a way that puts priority on the welfare of the community as a whole.”

“I saw a note on someone’s desk once that said “Stand Tall, Tell the Truth, Take the Heat.” I love that. It is very much how I try to live my life, and in fact, it is how I approach my role on Council,” said Foley. “Complaining doesn’t solve problems, and sugar coating them doesn’t make them go away. We need to get together and find solutions so we can help Bolton reach its full potential.”

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