(Dufferin-Caledon) Today Sylvia Jones MPP, Dufferin-Caledon criticized the Liberal Government’s announcement that it plans to shut down lanes on Highways 400, 401, 427, the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner Expressway to allow for athletes, coaches and the media to move easier from venue to venue during the Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games in 2015.

“It is ridiculous,” Jones said. “Many Dufferin-Caledon residents commute on those highways every day to and from work. They already have to sit for hours in traffic, and now the Liberal Government is removing lanes from those already clogged highways, which will only make commute times longer.”

Jones was also highly critical of Tourism and Sport Minister Michael Chan, who is also responsible for the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, who asserted that voluntary measures would convince drivers to use public transit during the games, and reduce traffic by 20%.

“What we are seeing is just how totally out of touch this Liberal Government is,” Jones said. “The idea that drivers will voluntarily reduce their car use enough to reduce traffic by 20% is nonsensical. Combined, the Pan Am and Parapan Am span 28 days. This isn’t one day or even one week; this is almost a month where the Government’s plan is basically to hope that people don’t drive – and these are some of the busiest highway stretches in Canada”

Minister Chan announced today that a series of temporary High-Occupancy-Vehicle (HOV) lanes will be set up in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) to shuttle athletes, coaches and the media to various venues during the games next summer.

The temporary HOV lanes will be open to other cars and trucks with passengers, but not single driver vehicles.

To read more about what Jones is doing on behalf of Dufferin-Caledon residents in the Legislatureplease


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