Community Improvement Plan Approved for Caledon East

On January 14, 2014 Caledon Council adopted the Caledon East Community Improvement Plan (CIP).

The CIP is intended to promote economic development and encourage revitalization, investment, and property improvement through a Municipal Leadership Strategy and Financial Incentive Programs.

The Municipal Leadership Strategy is a series of actions, projects, programs and tools that have been identified as opportunities for the Town and other stakeholders to improve the community, including improvements to infrastructure, the public realm, or to help eliminate barriers to private improvements. In addition, the Caledon East CIP has six financial incentive programs available for commercial property owners who wish to improve or develop their property within the CIP approved area.

At the same meeting, Council approved an amendment to the Bolton CIP. Originally adopted in April 2009, the Bolton CIP has been updated by this amendment resulting in modifications to general eligibility criteria, some grant values, and types of eligible projects creating consistency with the Caledon East CIP.

“We are thrilled to have another Community Improvement Plan approved in Caledon,” said Mayor Marolyn Morrison. “These financial incentives and municipal strategies provide options that will assist in achieving the vision of improving form and function, enhancing environmental features, and building prosperous commercial areas.”

For more information about the Caledon East or Bolton Community Improvement Plans visit


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