Winter Driving is not over

Environment Canada reports that approximately 10 cm. of snow is expected within the next 24 hours. With this looming storm, I wish to remind the travelling public to take extra precaution as you travel through the Town of Caledon. Historically, we have not seen this many road closures and multi-vehicle collisions in our area.

Slippery road conditions, white-outs and reduced visibility are key factors in motor vehicle collisions. I urge drivers to take extra care by ensuring that you allot extra travel time to your destination. Before heading out on the roadway, always clean off your windshield and rear window to ensure maximum visibility. Always carry extra windshield washer fluid and check your wipers before departure. During snow-storms, only travel if absolutely necessary and advise someone of your proposed destination as well as the approximate time of your arrival. If you can, please carry a cell phone for your own safety and security as well as an emergency kit.

There are undoubtedly more storms to come, always take the necessary measures to ensure your safe arrival.

Listed below are some of the applicable fines under the Highway Traffic Act on Ontario. These apply all year round and serve as a good reminder:


13(2) Highway Traffic Act of Ontario – Dirty or Obstructed Plate $110.00 fine

66(1) (a) Highway Traffic Act of Ontario – Improper or No Windshield Wiper $110.00 fine

69(1) Highway Traffic Act of Ontario – Improper Tires $110.00 fine

73(1) (a) Highway Traffic Act of Ontario – Window/Windshield Obstructed $110.00 fine

78.1(1) Highway Traffic Act of Ontario – Drive with hand-held communication device $155.00 fine


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