For Immediate Release

January 31, 2014



(Dufferin-Caledon) – Today Sylvia Jones MPP, Dufferin-Caledon thanked first responders and emergency personnel for their tireless efforts throughout what has been a very difficult and dangerous winter in Dufferin-Caledon.

“This has been a very rough winter for many Dufferin-Caledon residents and families,” said Jones. “As officials urge us to stay off the roads for our own safety, there are still those among us who work outside every day to assist those in need.”

“Our first responders and emergency personnel have dealt with the dangers of this weather with bravery and courage and they deserve our sincere thanks. They have been working hard to get people into shelters and keeping our roads cleared, at personal risk” Jones said.

Jones explained, “In Dufferin County, a state of emergency has been declared, and only a few weeks ago we suffered a terrible ice storm in Caledon. We’ve seen Rosemont volunteer firefighters rescuing stranded motorists, and many Red Cross volunteers helping with the warming centres used last Friday in Dufferin County; in Caledon we saw hydro crews working around the clock to restore power to the countless homes that lost power, and municipal road crews working non-stop to try and make our roads drivable again.”

“All of this incredible hard work has been appreciated by our community. The personal risk these individuals take on can be substantial, as we saw with the terrible accident that occurred just outside of Orangeville recently. My heart goes out to the OPP constable whose police cruiser was hit while she was assisting another motorist.”

Jones concluded, “Dufferin-Caledon will get through this extreme weather, but we couldn’t do so without the dedication and professionalism of our first responders and emergency personnel. They’ve made all Dufferin-Caledon residents proud, and so as the MPP for Dufferin-Caledon I would like to thank them for everything they have done and continue to do during this difficult time.”

In response to extreme blowing snow, cold, and hazardous driving conditions, Dufferin County has declared a state of emergency. The severe snow and wind has been consistent for days and several roads remain impassable. In late December, the Town of Caledon was caught in the midst of an ice storm that caused havoc across the Greater Toronto Area. Estimates of the damage and clean-up costs in Caledon and Dufferin are still being calculated.

To read more about what Sylvia Jones is doing on behalf of Dufferin-Caledon residents in the Legislature, please


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