Overnight Snow Removal in Bolton and Surrounding Area

Overnight Snow Removal in Bolton and Surrounding Area

Roads Operations and Maintenance crews will be in Bolton for some time to remove snow to re-establish our snow storage areas for future snowfalls. Snow conditions have become extremely difficult because the snow has become hard packed ice. Crews had to resort to using bigger machines but progress is still slow.

Snow removal activities occur at night between midnight and 6 a.m.  This activity cannot be accomplished during the day due to public safety and traffic concerns because of specialized equipment involved on the roads.

Noise is noticeable in areas crews are in. Normally, noise only lasts for one night in a specific area before crews move on. The challenging conditions brought on from the ice storm and extreme cold will require work over multiple nights in some areas. Crews will work as quickly as possible. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience from this necessary work and appreciate your understanding.

As of January 28:

  • Crews have a good portion of King Street completed and have started Highway 50.

Beyond the Bolton Area

  • Crews are applying the same practice to most of Caledon’s urban areas.
  • Completed Locations: Caledon East, Alton, Belfountain, Terra Cotta and Snelgrove.
  • Our midnight crew will finish Bolton before moving to Palgrave, Caledon Village and Mono Mills (among others).
  • Our afternoon shift continues to remove snow from the multi-lane sections of Peel’s North District as well as Airport Road between Mayfield Road and Bovaird Drive. The Gore Road will be next.

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