Town of Caledon Approves 2014 Budget

The 2014 Budget for the Town of Caledon passed during a meeting of Council on December 3, 2013. The budget is important to all citizens and businesses in the Town, setting the stage for Town services and activities for 2014 and beyond.

“The 2014 Budget for the Town of Caledon exhibits restraint and large measures of fiscal responsibility. Municipalities are doing more than ever, with less funding from other levels of government, while imposed growth continues. Growth doesn’t pay for itself,” said Mayor Marolyn Morrison. “The 2014 budget takes important steps forward for the future of the Town of Caledon. I’m pleased with the services and infrastructure improvements we will see in 2014 and beyond, and commend staff for working with Council and the community in preparing this budget.”

The 2014 Budget was built around central themes that serve the entire population of the Town:

• Maintaining Service Levels to Accommodate Current Population and Employment

Growth; with a focus on the growth in Mayfield West, including additional customer service hours at the Mayfield Recreational Facility, funding for the design of the Mayfield West Recreation Centre with construction planned for 2015-2016, temporary full-time staffing and equipment for boulevard cutting and bed maintenance for parks opened in 2013.

• Planning for Future Anticipated Growth; focusing on funding for the completion of the

Bolton Residential Expansion Study (BRES), Albion-Bolton Transportation Master Plan, and the GTA West Corridor Long Range Land-Use Study.

• Investing to improve the Town’s non-residential tax base; initiating the servicing of the Tullamore Secondary Plan area and extending South Simpson Road from Mayfield to north of the George Bolton Parkway, to build capacity, attract and grow the Town’s industrial commercial tax base.

• Maintaining Roads; introducing a revitalized program for Annual Repair and

Rehabilitation of Town roads, preparing the engineering and design 2015 bridge program, continuing preventative maintenance, rehabilitating and replacement of existing roads and bridges.

• Continuing Investment in Health and Wellness; including trailway resurfacing, Emerald Ash Borer mitigation measures, Accessibility improvements to facilities town-wide, Library books and materials, Information Technology improvements, and continued innovation in products and services that the Town provides for citizens.

• Managing Infrastructure Deficit; improving the Town’s capacity to fund 10-year capital forecast, Town of Caledon Finance Department with Public Works has built a debenture program for an enhanced roads rehabilitation and reconstruction program. This maximizes the number of km’s of road per dollar of expenditure, extends the life of roads and delays total reconstruction. In 2014 citizens will also see the replacement of the Mayfield Recreation Complex Roof and HVAC.

• Improving safety for Fire and Emergency Services; replacement of Self Contained

Breathing Apparatus, and a continued allocation of funds for the new Bolton Fire Station.

Highlights of the Town of Caledon’s 2014 Budget

 The 2014 Base budget is lower than 2013 budget by $0.1 million. Staff has continued to find efficiencies that lower costs while maintaining service levels and infrastructure.

 Town of Caledon Finance Department estimates that the tax rate, once combined with

Regional and Education taxation rates, the residential tax rate will remain one of the lowest in the Greater Toronto Area.

 The overall residential property tax increase for the Town of Caledon for 2014 stands at

4.98% with potential minor adjustments to come based on final Assessment numbers. The blended residential tax increase (Town + Region + Education) is estimated to be 2.5%.

 The 2014 Budget process included a number of public consultations during the fall. All documents are available via . In the new year, a printed 2014 Budget document will be available for review at all Town libraries and at the Clerk’s office at Town Hall, 6311 Old Church Road, Caledon East.

About the Town of Caledon

The Town of Caledon, part of the Region of Peel, is home to over 60,000 residents and 2,300 businesses. The Town respectfully maintains a sustainable balance of initiatives that focus on community, environment and development, based on our Community Based Strategic Plan (CBSP). Together, staff and Council work to ensure residents, businesses and visitors enjoy a lifestyle that encourages the best of rural and urban living. Caledon has been named “Ontario’s Greenest Community” and “Canada’s Safest Community” by independent media outlets on multiple occasions. For more information about the Town of Caledon, call 905.584.2272 or visit

About Town of Caledon Services

Caledon’s infrastructure includes a network of roads and bridges, recreation facilities, parks, trails, community centres, and emergency services. Services provided or funded by the Town of Caledon include:

• Development Approvals and Planning Policy

• Engineering and Public Works

• Administration

• Fire Services and Emergency Services

• Caledon OPP

• Parks and Recreation

• CAO Office – Communications and Economic Development

• Human Resources

• Corporate Services

 Caledon Library


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