What about my Property Taxes in Caledon?

Just Sayin' by Patti Foley

On December 3rd the Town of Caledon Council approved the 2014 Budget.

For many residents, being too busy to follow the process, the perception may exist that once a year a group of politicians sit around a table and arbitrarily come up with a percentage by which property taxes will go up the following year.

In my first term as a Regional Councillor I have learned that nothing could be further from the truth. The Budget that was approved on the evening of December 3rd was the culmination of about 7 weeks of work that commenced on Oct 15th with Council’s first Budget Workshop. Well before that date Town staff were already investing time into the Budget process.

So here are some quick answers to Budget questions that may be on your mind:

I heard my property taxes are going up 4.98% next year, is that true?

The tax bill…

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