MPP Sylvia Jones Makes Statement on Dufferin-Caledon CCAC Service Delivery

For Immediate Release

November 27, 2013

(Queen’s Park) –Yesterday, Sylvia Jones MPP, Dufferin-Caledon rose in the Ontario Legislature to make a member’s statement concerning the Dufferin-Caledon Community Care Access Centre’s (CCAC) service delivery.

Please find a transcript of the statement below:

Ms. Sylvia Jones: I rise today to share a serious concern of my constituents who rely on the Community Care Access Centre for home care services when they’ve been released from the hospital. I’ve been hearing from residents in Dufferin–Caledon who have experienced a significant decrease in the services that the CCAC provide, including services on the weekend. The problem is that now Dufferin–Caledon residents are struggling without the required care they should be receiving.

One Dufferin resident who recently contacted me was shocked that her home care hours were dramatically reduced, and the CCAC told her they would not be delivering services on the weekends. She was even told, “She would have to make do herself.” Speaker, the notion that an individual who requires home care every day—Monday to Friday—can then somehow make do without home care on the weekend is nonsensical at best and downright shameful at worst. Does a wound not hurt on Saturday? Is a bath not needed on Sunday?

Who is making decisions about patient care, and when will this government step up and prioritize health care dollars, not on more administration and bureaucracy, but on front-line health care services like home care? We’ve all read too many stories in the newspaper about our health care’s bloated bureaucracy, long wait-lists and home care services that fail to meet patient needs. People not receiving health care because it is the weekend would certainly qualify as failing to meet patient’s needs.

The bottom line is that Dufferin-Caledon residents believe they deserve far better from their provincial government, and I completely agree with them.

To read more about what Sylvia Jones is doing on behalf of Dufferin-Caledon residents in the Legislature, or to view a video of the statement, please visit:

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