Ontario Engaging Municipalities on New OPP Billing Model

New Model Will be Fairer, More Transparent, Reflect True Cost of Policing
October 3, 2013 1:30 p.m.Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
The Ontario government is engaging with communities across the province to share its proposed new model for billing municipalities for OPP policing services.

Through engagement sessions this fall, Ontario will share the proposed new model and seek feedback from municipalities on its implementation strategy.

The proposed new model will:

Be based on the principles of fairness and transparency that municipal leaders have said are most important to them.
Provide municipalities with important data to help tailor crime prevention strategies in their communities.
Reflect the Auditor General’s recommendation to create a simpler billing model that gives municipalities more control over policing costs.
Working with municipalities is part of the government’s plan to work together as One Ontario to build a successful, compassionate and united province where everyone has the opportunity to connect, contribute and enjoy a high quality of life.

Quick Facts
The OPP provides policing services for 324 communities in Ontario.
While the province works with municipalities, the OPP will defer negotiations on contract renewals and costing requests.



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