September 18, 2013

(Queen’s Park) – Today Sylvia Jones MPP, Dufferin-Caledon questioned the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Glen Murray on the expansion of the Drive Clean Program due to recent postal code changes.

A transcript of Jones’ questions is below.

Sylvia Jones’ Question:

My question was going to be for the Minister of Environment but I’ll go to transportation because it is transportation-related.

Residents in the north part of Dufferin County have been receiving letters that they are, for the first time, going to be required to complete a Drive Clean test. My constituents have not moved and yet they are now being asked by MTO to pay for a Drive Clean test because Canada Post has changed the postal codes.

When I wrote on behalf of residents asking for an explanation, your ministry told me it was an oversight that they have been exempted since the program began and now they must pay. Minister, it appears that this decision to include them now, more than 10 years later, is simply another cash grab by your government. Are the recent postal code changes just another excuse for you to squeeze more money from hard-working Ontario drivers?

Sylvia Jones’ Supplementary Question:

This is not about cost recovery; this is about a cash grab. These people did not pay; they have not been paying. They have been exempt from the Drive Clean program. Suddenly, I’ve been working on this for three months, all I’m getting from your civil service is they must pay now; they should never have been exempt. What, are you going to go back 10 years and charge them for it? Minister, I want this solved; I want to see this decision changed. Ultimately, I would actually like the Drive Clean program to be eliminated because it has not done anything to solve our problems.

To view Jones questioning Minister Murray, please visit:

To read more about what Jones is doing on behalf of Dufferin-Caledon residents in the Legislature, please visit:

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