Town of Caledon Introduces Online Overnight Parking Exemption Program

With the introduction of the Town’s new overnight parking exemption program, Caledon residents who wish to apply to an exemption will now be able to do so with ease. Residents now have the option to use Town’s online application at

On top of improving customer service, efficiency and productivity by phasing out the voice mail system, this new development also allows residents to keep track of how many exemptions they have used in the calendar year and will give them the option to book exemptions in advance. The program should also reduce complaints as a result of miscommunication due to dialect and transcription errors.

Residents and visitors are reminded that the Town prohibits on-street parking from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Those who are not able to park their vehicle(s) in their driveway due to overnight guests, driveway repairs or special functions may choose to apply for an exemption for up to ten days per calendar year, per vehicle licence plate.

For more information on the online overnight parking exemption program, please visit


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