(July 8, 2013) The Region of Peel will begin road construction of the Bolton Arterial Road (BAR) that will help ease traffic through Bolton’s downtown core. Construction of the BAR is expected to begin July 15, 2013 and is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2014. The new road will connect with Coleraine Drive to complete the bypass around the core, eliminating the need for through traffic to use Queen Street (Regional Road 50). Construction includes two roundabouts, two new bridges, and a multi-use trail that connects to the existing Humber Valley Heritage Trail. The BAR will primarily be a two-lane road, except from Harvest Moon Drive to Duffy’s Lane where it will be four lanes.


“The Bolton Arterial Road is strategically significant for transportation in and through Peel as it helps to address the current needs of the community and prepares Peel for future growth,” said Regional Chair Emil Kolb. “The Region of Peel worked carefully to plan and budget this project to ensure that the BAR performs well for businesses and residents of Caledon. This is a win-win opportunity for goods movement in Peel which is vital to our economy and job growth, and supports the quality of life for nearby residents concerned with Queen Street traffic. Peel will also advance the trail network by saving the existing bridge and converting it for cycling and walking as part of a new trail to encourage positive lifestyle choices and provide safe travel separated from traffic.”


“Diverting through traffic away from Queen Street will reduce volumes while improving public safety within the Bolton core,” said Marolyn Morrison, Mayor of Caledon. “This project enhances the natural environment and incorporates a number of measures to minimize impacts on it. The BAR is an investment in the community with built-in benefits to residents. After years of planning, the BAR will soon become a reality and an important part of Caledon and Peel’s transportation infrastructure.”


“Approximately 20 years ago, a process began to identify a road network that will help carry increasing traffic volumes in and through Bolton as it continues to grow,” said Richard Whitehead, Regional Councillor. “The network will relieve traffic volumes through the core while addressing watercourse protection and enhancing the environmental landscape. Our landscaping plans include thousands of plantings, and a new multi-use trail will connect the community to the Humber Valley Heritage Trail.”


The two new roundabouts will be the first two-lane roundabouts in Peel. They will be located at the new King Street West alignment intersecting with the BAR and at the intersection of the BAR and Highway 50.


Two new bridges will be constructed that span the existing West Humber River. The West Humber River Bridge will include realignment of an existing channel, detailed construction staging to ensure that there are no impacts downstream or upstream of the construction area, and restoration and extensive landscaping to enhance watercourse protection to minimize environmental impacts. Substantial erosion and sedimentation control measures are also being implemented to mitigate any potential impacts to the environment throughout the entire construction process.


A detailed landscaping plan will be implemented for the entire length of the project. The plans include planting approximately 2,150 trees and 3,400 shrubs and perennials of various species.


The new multi-use trail starts at King Street West/Harvest Moon Drive and leads to the existing West Humber River bridge that will be converted exclusively for cycling and pedestrian use, and connect to the existing Humber Valley Heritage Trail.


The BAR construction project information and map can be found online:


The Region of Peel serves more than one million residents in the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton and the Town of Caledon. For more information on the Region of Peel, please call 905-791-7800, or visit


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